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| innovate

It’s a simple equation and the foundation of our company: 

Unique Ideas


Intense Collaboration And Production


Cutting Edge Solutions To Improve The Human Condition 

We are a high-energy technology incubator. That’s our fancy way of saying we develop cutting-edge tools and custom solutions for a vast range of technical problems. Our passion for creating a positive impact is fueled by our expertise for designing sustainable, scalable, and custom solutions. Our team’s deep technical and diverse knowledge originates from decades of experience in both the private and public-sector, with an emphasis in the healthcare sector.


Much like our team, our expertise is a diverse spectrum of creativity. Our skills span across a wide variety of technology, such as, AI, ML, NLP, AR, VR, voice applications, big data, blockchain, and web/mobile development, to name a few. We are actively using and researching new ways to use these technologies to not only create solutions and improve your efficiency but ours as well! We believe that creativity and flexibility can create comprehensive solutions for whatever problem our clients face.


We understand and realize that our clients have their own companies to run and daily tasks to attend to, which is why we use our industry leading Accelerated Development Platform (ADP). This provides a fully functioning prototype within minutes, because we all know there is nothing worse than being put on hold for hours, so you can get back to the work that is important to you!

We're all about creating and searching for the spark that starts the wildfire of innovation and ingenuity.


 We're high energy people that are passionate, believe in working hard,

 and playing hard.


We strive to inspire people to use their imaginations and be unconventional 

in all the right ways.