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The Healthy Citizen project has been developed by Conceptant and the FDA Office of the Health Informatics through an FDA Broad Agency Announcement. Healthy Citizen is a holistic, citizen-centric platform for FDA to collaborate and communicate with citizens to improve public health outcomes. It will empower patients to securely contribute their direct health experiences to FDA in a de-identified manner, receive timely, personally-relevant FDA alerts, and consent to participate in studies. It allows for citizens, research organizations and the FDA to communicate and collaborate in a single seamless environment.


Healthy Citizen is being developed as a platform to engage with citizens through their existing health provider organizations and technologies. Healthy Citizen will provide widgets that will reside on the health provider systems to allow for citizens and clinicians to interact with the Healthy Citizen platform while remaining in their trusted health provider solutions. 


Healthy Citizen includes a safe harbor research platform that will allow researchers to create patient driven data studies, analyze the de-identified patient data to create cohort pools, invite citizens to participate and send surveys to elicit participant inputs.


Proven technology to quickly build secure and scalable multi-platform solutions.

  • Highly flexible business solution platform

  • Business automation solutions created through configuration files (no code)

  • Common deployable codebase for web apps, native mobile apps (Android & iOS), and desktop apps (Windows/Apple)

  • Multiple datastore architecture, each with unique keys, to safeguard data

  • Integrated analytics platform (open or de-identified data)

  • Choose from standard & rich data types

  • Data Bridges - integration functionality allows for large, diverse datasets to be imported and exported, as needed

  • Uses Excel files to implement & maintain apps

    • Deploy in minutes to all platforms

    • Supported by non-technical staff

  • Fast Development Speeds

    • Quick solution prototyping for user to test and refine business needs

  • Easy to modify, based upon feedback 

  • Security

    • Security built into core platform 

    • Follow government security practices

  • Scalability

    • Auto-scales as load increases

  • Reliability

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